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Oliver Higginbotham

Company Director

- Water Filtration and Pump Engineer

Field Technician 


Kirsty Rowlinson

Company Director

Administration and Support

- Field Technician


Phil Blanchard 

Team Member

- Water Services Engineer

Field Technician 

About us...

We are a company with big values and an eye for customer convenience, satisfaction and prompt service and of course one of our highest priorities is safe drinking water while keeping the cost competitive and as low as possible.

We can supply first hand advice on everything to do with your private water supply, from Servicing and installations of water treatment and filtration systems, to complete overhauls of your supply from source to tap - we can offer you options of what system/setup may be best for your very specific requirements. We are knowledgeable on the current regulations and legislation requirements upheld by your local authority and what your obligations are as regards to keeping your supply and water safe for consumption. We can also tell you about your rights when it comes to protecting the source of your supply if off your own property.

"All of our work is guaranteed against faulty workmanship and equipment - We are here to offer the best possible service with no exceptions!"



Please feel free to get in touch using the contact form below. Alternatively please call or email (at the base of the page)


INSURANCE - Our insurance documents can be found here

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For your peace of mind we hold the current National Water Hygiene Card. EUSR ID = 434337 plus 'Higginbotham'

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