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Borehole Pumps, Borehole Filtration, Borehole Service and Borehole Commissioning


Although we don't get involved in the actual drilling of the borehole, we do everything else. We have many years under our belts when it comes to the supply and installation of all manner of borehole pump, borehole filtration system (to suit the very specific requirements of your borehole - highlighted by laboratory testing) and detailed yield analysis - how much water the borehole can supply and over what space of time.

For established boreholes, we offer repair and service packages tailored to your needs. 

If you would like a quote for the commissioning of a newly drilled borehole - we can offer competitive pricing for testing (water analysis), borehole head works, all electrical connections and installation, pump install with stainless connections, piping, surface holding tank and distribution pump (if required), filtration and water treatment system and connection into your property supply.

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