Local Authority Compliant Installations &Upgrades, Pump Repair or Replacement, NEW - SMS UV & Pump Alert Systems,

Water Filtration & Treatment

Maintenance and Repairs, Tank & Pipe Installations plus Disinfection to BS8558:2011, UKAS. Laboratory Testing, Well & Borehole Sulphur 'Eggy' Water Testing & Remedy

Serving Central & Northern England & Southern Scotland

Oliver Higginbotham

Company Manager

- Water Services and Pump Engineer

Field Technician 

Phil Blanchard 

- Water Services Engineer

Field Technician 

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Incorporating: www.PumpDiagnostics.co.uk - Pump Service, Repairs and Installations - Please click here (Site in progress)
Local Authority Compliant
Installations and Upgrades
What we can offer you:


Domestic and Commercial

Supplied and installed: (Gallery)

Water Pump diagnosis, Repair or Replacement (Borehole, Booster and Supply)

Spring, Stream, Bore Hole and Well Servicing, Maintenance and Installations


Filtration Systems, Advice and Servicing

 Ultraviolet Water Treatment Specialists

 PH Correction, Water Softeners and Iron/Manganese/Hydrogen Sulphide Removal...

Chlorine Removal Filters Fitted

Lead and Heavy Metal filtration

System Disinfections plus Well & Borehole Shock Oxidation and Chlorination - BS8558:2011

Drinking Water Filter Taps, Separate or Three Way

Booster Pumps and Supply Pumps (Including submerged well and bore hole pumps)

 New Tanks Installed

Old Tanks Repaired (to DWI and WRAS Specifications)


Council/Local Authority Risk Assessment and Water Test Correctional Works

 Fencing (Using Untreated Chestnut or Larch posts if in or close to water source)

 Digger (Bio-oil) and Operator Hire

 Risk Assessments

 Testing (see below), Advice and Basic DIY Kits (a full Lab test is always advised!)

Frost Protection Systems Installed


WRAS / NSF / DWI Approved (were regulations dictate) Fittings, Filters, Pumps, Tanks (and/or materials) Pipework and UV Treatment Units (or the equivalent British Standard)


Mains Water Supply?..don't want to drink chlorine? - Chlorine filter advice & installations.


New! - Rainwater harvesting systems supplied, installed and Serviced.

Keep your water safe for everyone, especially the young and elderly - Have your

treatment system serviced at the correct intervals - If in doubt please ask, we supply impartial advice with no obligation what so ever!


TESTING - Knowing what is in your water is so very important. We offer a basic water test for a modest fee to cover our time and testing equipment. We test for up to 12 parameters commonly shown to be of the most widely varied and significant when it comes to making your water fit for consumption. The results we get, give us a strong indication of what is required by the means of filtration and treatment. We however always advise a UKAS accredited laboratory test to finalise water quality before and/or after filtration/treatment - we can arrange this for you and talk you through the results. Please call or email to discuss your best options.

About us...

We are a company with big values and an eye for customer convenience, satisfaction and prompt service. 

We can supply first hand advice on everything to do with your private water supply, from Servicing and installations of water treatment and filtration systems, to complete overhauls of your supply from source to tap - we can offer you options of what system/setup may be best for your very specific requirements. We are knowledgeable on the current regulations and legislation requirements upheld by your local authority and what your obligations are as regards to keeping your supply and water safe for consumption. We can also tell you about your rights when it comes to protecting the source of your supply if off your own property.

"All of our work is guaranteed against faulty workmanship - We are here to offer the best possible service with no exceptions!"

Please do feel free to get in touch using the contact form below. Alternatively please call or email (at the base of the page) Our insurance documents can be found here

Do you want clear water?...is your water not passing tests?...

We can put this right - Just get in touch

For your peace of mind we hold the current National Water Hygiene Card. EUSR ID = 434337 plus 'Higginbotham'
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Please feel free to fill in the form below or give us a call/email - we would love to help, of course with no obligation...
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